Land Of Smiles


There is nothing more magical than a smile as every time I see someone with a genuine smile, I would feel like smiling back. I hope this artwork will put a smile on the audience’s face.


Dimension 100cm x 120cm
Artist Jaxton Su Jing Xiang
Artist From Singapore
Medium Framed Oil on Canvas
Painting Original Painting
Title Series / Year Land of Smiles 2014


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Jaxton Su

Jaxton Su (b. 1988, Singapore) is an independent visual artist and curator in Singapore. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He graduated with a Master of Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art, UK and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NTU, Singapore. He has also attained a BFA in Visual Communications.

His research interest include geology, psychology and their relation to social and everyday issues, which he explores through experimentation with different materials in his paintings, installations and mixed media creations. He is also actively involved in curatorial, community-based, educational and mural painting projects.

Some of his notable endeavours that he has presented internationally include solo exhibitions ‘Not all who wander are lost’ and ‘Two Worlds; One Fantasy’, curatorial projects ‘The Unsettled Dust – Asian Short Film Festival’ and ‘Dare you do this? FFFF it! – Taiwan Gangshan Dist Contemporary Art Warehouse International Exchange Program’, and community-based projects ‘Home is where the heart is – Silver Arts 2019’, ‘A Ride through Race Course Road’ and ‘Our Nano World – Edinburgh International Science Festival’. Through his various ventures, he strives to create engaging and immersive experiences that would encourage enthusiasm in the arts for the masses.

In his works, Jaxton portrays bizarre dreamlike worlds and injects a little of his own inner fantasies, desires and experiences to bring across a message and tell a story. He often plays around with his painting compositions and incorporate strange elements and daily objects to invite viewers to ponder over their hidden meanings. Through his works, he hopes to create a visual utopia that transcends reality and results in a psychological impact in the audience, such as sparking an imagination or encouraging them to think about a particular issue.

Apart from being a visual artist, Jaxton also a wall muralist and graphic designer and has taken on a number of projects to sharpen his art skills in these areas. He has experience in using various design softwares and is capable of taking up all kinds of projects, both print and digital.

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