Starting from April, Dove Doodle would be featuring the ‘Artist of the Month’ series, featuring a particular Artist and his or her paintings on a monthly basis.

This is a collaborative ‘ProBono Project’, between Oracle Social Impact Programme Team and Dove Doodle. We are truly thankful and grateful to the interns and volunteers for their generous contributions of their artistic talents, skills and time. Kindness begets kindness.😊

Introducing to you our ‘Artist of the Month’, Artist Mike Juggins, aptly known as the ‘Artist of Doves’, from UK.

Be on the lookout for more updates in the weeks to come…

For more info of Artist Mike, please visit:


WhatsApp: +65 8597 9548

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e-poster designed by Miguel Regala , Intern from Oracle

Artist’s photo image from Dove Doodle