Titled ‘Spring Sings x’ , a drawing by UK Artist Mike Juggins portraying the beauty of spring with various types of flowers blooming, similar to the diversity of race and culture among the human race.

By Teresa Teo Lay Yan

I recently watched a TED Talks videoclip titled ‘Embracing otherness, embracing myself’ . In this videoclip, actress Thandie Newton mentioned that she came from two distinct cultures. She expressed her unconventional way of looking at identity being a minority race in her country.

I supposed to be a minority is contextual. For example, I may belong to the majority in my country but automatically a minority if I were to live in Africa. Similarly, in a female dominated environment, I am the majority, but not in a male dominated environment.The strong views Thandie holds stemmed from her childhood experience and her own struggles to find her self-identity. Doing away with her race and cultures probably gave her that sense of security and freedom to choose who she wants to be. However, not everyone would find her views embracing unless they were in her situation, being born in a family of two or more distinct cultures.If I were her, I might think the same too.

Is it possible to wipe out all races and cultures on earth and integrate the human race under one? It might have to wait till second coming of Christ.

Meanwhile , let’s embrace the enriching diversity of our race and culture. I still wish to watch the Chinese cultural dance performance, the Balinese and Indian dancers, the elegant moves of the ballerinas on stage, the many arts and cultures of various races and the list goes on.

This is what diversity and the richness of race and culture is all about. It traces back the history of the human race and its civilization. Do we wipe it out?

About the Author :

Teresa Teo Lay Yan is the founder and managing director of Dove Doodle Pte Ltd. She writes for the Company’s blog and engages the community through a variety of topics, in particular, visual arts in social and cultural context, artists with a disability, doing business for social good and research related articles. To learn more about the author, CLICK the ‘Founder’s Profile’.