Photo: Singapore Artist Lim Tze Peng (Left) and Ms Teresa Teo Lay Yan (Right), Managing Director of Dove Doodle Pte Ltd. A painting by Artist Lim in the backdrop.


 By Teresa Teo Lay Yan

I love the Singapore river, I love this tiny island called Singapore, where my home and heart is.” said Cultural Art Medallion recipient, Artist Lim Tze Peng.

I first met Artist Lim Tze Peng, a Singapore Cultural Art Medallion recipient, at a joint project with Artsafe Pte Ltd and Holy Innocent High school in 2014. He is an Artist and a former Chinese Language teacher in Singapore.

We chatted and walked along the long exhibition hall of Artsafe, while viewing his magnificient paintings displayed on both sides of the wall.

Most of his Chinese ink paintings were drawn with bold brush strokes and portrayed sceneries of old Singapore, the Chinatown area, Singapore river, bumboats, kampong houses, fishing village and men and women gathering in the village, particularly Malay ladies wearing sarong kerbaya and weaving the fishing net or selling local fruits. Some of the paintings also featured Chinese festivals celebrated by the Chinese community and goodies associated with these festivals, such as mooncakes, pameloes and mandarin oranges. Artist Lim also likes to paint familiar tropical fruits such as rambutans, mangoesteen, trees and flowers.

His unique painting style has a mixed of both the Chinese ink painting and that of western art beautifully blended into a harmonious master piece. He agreed with my observations and referred to it as the ‘Nanyang style’ which is the signature art form of our pioneer generation of artists in Singapore referred to as ‘Nanyang art’.

When asked about what kept him painting for all these the years (he is at the age of 92 now),he shared joyously saying, “I love the Singapore River, I love this tiny island called Singapore, where my home and heart is. “

I was fortunate to have chatted personally with Artist Lim Tze Peng and gathered some insights into his life and his art. Nothing like hearing from the artist himself than going through a third source.


About the Author

Ms Teo Lay Yan Teresa is the founder and managing director of Dove Doodle Pte Ltd. She writes for the Company’s blog and engages the community through the visual arts. To learn more about the author, CLICK the ‘Founder’s Profile’.