Titled ‘We are all artists’ by UK Artist Mike Juggins.It reflected the everyday objects the artist sees in his own homeland which is part of his cultural heritage.

Bt Teresa Teo Lay Yan

The term ‘artist’ has broadened over the decades to refer to people working in the creative or art-related field, such as art curator, web designer, graphic designer, fabric designer and cake designer and the list goes on.


In actual fact, the term ‘artist’ literally means someone who is in the profession of creating a piece of fine art e.g. a painting or sculpture.


Current number of young people entering the art field full-time to be an ‘artist’ in the literal sense, that is to be a painter or sculptor, is really pathetic.


Statistics captured in this area mostly reflected the number of art activities conducted, new art organisations added or participation rate of the population.


I have difficulty tracking statistical figures on how many of our art students actually went on to become an artist in the literal sense.From my conversation with some who aspired to be artists, is all about financial support and with a less artistically inclined or less appreciative of the value of art population, it makes it worst.


Projecting 50 years from now, would we have enough local artists to fill the art scene? It is important for these local artists to define our cultural heritage and national identity just like what our past local artists did through their art. The last thing is to import artists from overseas.The reason being, they may not sink their roots deeply enough to reflect our cultural heritage or identity.


With a greying population, we might face the crunch of not having enough local artists in the near future.



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